And believe it or not, that is Me!!! For I have never considered myself a Wallpaper Artist, but just simply as someone that has always just been creating what I enjoy seeing on My Desktop and sharing it with Oh so many of You and believe it or not, it is so easy to do, that is if you know where to start and what to do!!! And That Is What This Blog Is All ABOUT...How To Make Desktop Wallpapers For Your Own Desktop and Hopefully You Will Share Them With All Of Us!!! And The Best Part Of All, You Can Get Started Do This For FREE!!! For More Information About What This Blog Is All About And How To Get Started Making Your 1st Wallpaper, Well Just Simply Click On...[About] Below...And Let's Get Started!!!

My 1st Wallpaper

Well if you have, then you are in the right spot for this Blog is totally devoted to teaching anyone how and it's all done with a "Free" Photo Editor that I have just found and I thought what a great way to pass on what I know and do to anyone and everyone that would like to know how Wallpapers are "BORN" and hopefully it might make for a Great Blog, or at least I'm hoping so!!!

So if you have ever wanted to create Your Own Custom Desktop Wallpapers, well now here is Your chance to give it a try with step-by-step instructions, not only telling you how, but also showing you how and when you are done, you will have created the exact same wallpaper has shown above!!! OK? Ok. Just click on [About] above to get started!!!

Your Wallpaper Buddy For Oh So Many Years Now
At Brent's Male Wallpaper's II - Reborn
()( BRENT )() 

And Now, Some Walls From Others That Want To Share Their Work With You....And before You Download/Save Something That You See and Want....Please Vote For It....It is just one simple click that is the heart beat of this Blog and it means so much to many that are sharing their work here!!!  And it is with the highest of hopes that you show a little bit of your love and support by either a vote on their postings and/or a comment....(Note: Comments are open to ALL, you do not need a Google Account to leave a comment here!)....For with out them, well there just maybe nothing here in the future for You to DOWNLOAD!!!!  Think About Guys and then at least CLICK A VOTE BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Do YOU Have What It Takes To Share Desktop Wallpapers On The Net?

Hi Once Again Wallpaper Fans and Blogger Buddies, and Yes it has been almost a year ago now since my last posting HERE, but this Blog keeps getting hits and many of those hits are still to "How To Create Your First Wallpaper!!!" So I know that there are many of YOU that have been given it a try and more than likely you have created some Wallpapers for yourself that you are enjoying, or at least I'm hoping so!!!  And if You are one of the many that are and don't have the "BALLS" to sharing them, well I totally understand that for I remember what it was like for me when I shared the following (3) wallpapers for the first time with the Wallpaper Hunkz Yahoo Group over 6 years ago....

And all I did was use Micosoft's Auto Collage to make them and then used my photo editor to do the titling effect and I was so afraid no one would like them and someone would say, "What the hell is this and why are you sharing it".  Well needless to say, that wasn't the case at ALL, in fact the Moderator of the Group reply with,"Wow, these all look like something that has just been unearthed and looking forward to what you have to share next." True story guys!!!

So I tell you what I willing to do and that is, I'm willing to re-active this Blog and post on it ONLY Wallpapers that are from 1st time Wallpaper Makers and in any size that you choose to create them in just like I did when I started this Blog.  This way, you will be only sharing your work here with other 1st time wallpaper makers and with help with tips and comments from others that will give you some confidence that you are on the right path and are ready to start sharing your work on My Auto Wall Blog.

So I leave this in your hands once again, if you have the balls to give it a try, then I will be more than glad to here from you @

Just trying my best to give you a platform to share what you're creating.

Your Wallpaper Buddy Always
With Wallpaper Hugs
()()( Brent )()()

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